On the upcoming occasion of Sankranti, we bring you a mouth-watering recipe from Ms A. Basak.

For pithe
● Rice flour 2 Cups
● Refined flour 1 Cup
● Boiling water 1 Cup

For kheer
Khoya kheer 200 g
● Milk 1 ½ litre
● Sugar or Grated Jaggery 1/4tsp
(Nolen gud)

Boil water and add rice and flour to it and keep stirring till it forms a dough. Take it off the fire and knead it well to make it soft. Make small round balls, flatten them on your palm, add dry khoya kheer in the middle, and fold them to form an oval shape. Boil the milk till it starts thickening. Remove a little milk from it and dry it to make khoya kheer for stuffing in the pithes. In the rest of the milk add the stuffed pithes and boil. When the pulis are boiled and they become slightly harder, add nolen gud to it and remove from the fire after a boil. Let it cool and plate it. Garnish it with drops of liquid nolen gud.