Building Bridges

We believe that our commitment towards community building is an essential part of our pursuit of enhancing the quality of life of our members. We believe that creating opportunities for our members to come together in small groups is a cornerstone of overall well-being.

Engaging in conversations with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences with those of the same generation, and forming new friendships contribute significantly to building emotional resilience and a sense of belonging.

Our initiative of small group gatherings is designed exclusively keeping our members’ interests in mind. We had gatherings at Kalyani and in different parts of Kolkata, which served as platforms for meaningful interactions and the cultivation of new friendships. By creating a nurturing environment, we aim to build a community where every member feels valued, understood, and connected.

In addition to fostering connections, we also introduce our members to the vibrant tapestry of modern cafes and malls. As per the request of some of our members, they were taken to South City Mall, where they had a happy time exploring the shops and the food court. These outings are not just about discovering new places but embracing the evolving landscape of social spaces. It helps to savour the flavours of contemporary life while enjoying the camaraderie of peers.