Grape Chutney

Our member Ms I. Lahiri has shared a refreshing summer recipe for chutney lovers.

● Rice flour 500g
● Mustard oil 1 tbsp
● Mustard seeds ¼ tsp
● Whole dry red chillies 3
● Whole cumin seeds 1tsp
● Sugar 50g
● Dry mango powder 1 pinch
● Cornflour ½ tsp
● Water ¼ cup

Take the long green grapes, cut them lengthwise into 2 halves and keep them aside. Take a small pan, add the cumin seeds and 2 red chillies. Dry roast them. Then, grind them into a fine powder and keep aside. Heat oil and add mustard seeds and 1 dry red chilli. When it crackles, add the halved grapes, sugar and water. Boil it well for 5 mins on low flame till the grapes soften. Add the grounded spice and mix well. Add a pinch of dry mango powder to give it a slight tangy taste. Add cornflour slurry, made by mixing the cornflour with a little water, and boil it so that it thickens to a proper consistency. Remove from heat and serve it in a glass bowl. You can also store it in glass jars.