SE Impact

Innovative and Thoughtful Solutions Spreading Happiness

One of our members, previously confined to his bed for an extended period, experienced a remarkable recovery through a combination of our innovative remote monitoring technology and the compassionate support provided by our trained Care Integrators (CI). During regular check-ins, it became evident that despite being in bed and taking sleeping medication, our member struggled to get restorative sleep. Promptly, our UK-based doctor partners reviewed his medication regimen and recommended adjustments, leading to a significant improvement in his sleep quality. From thirty minutes it increased to five and a half hours. With better rest, our member's overall well-being improved, enabling him to engage more actively with our CI team. As his physical comfort increased, he began to regain mobility and enjoy activities such as moving around the house and dining according to his preferences.
Simultaneously, our Enriching Cognitive Solution (ECS) team took proactive steps to enhance our member's socialization and mental stimulation. Through organized outings and regular communication, we aimed to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. The dedication of our team during these activities, coupled with their vigilant supervision has strengthened the bond of trust between our members and us. We are grateful for the difference we have made in our members' lives through this innovative approach.