Valentine's Day & Holi Fun!

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we took our members to Rajbari Bawali. The first-hand experience of Zamindari tradition, the marvellous palace, the relaxing live music and the elaborate traditional spread of rice, dal, aloo bhaja, bori bhaja, machher shorshe posto, bhetki paturi, bhapa chingri, mutton curry, rosogolla and paan served in authentic Bengali terracotta utensils, captivated our members completely. On the occasion of Holi, our members had a fantastic time cruising on River Ganges. They crossed under the Howrah Bridge and went past Belur Math, Dakshineshwar temple, Bagbazar ghat and Ramkrishna ghat.
As they set sail, they were served delicious snacks of hot Tandoori Paneer, Crispy Chilli Baby Corn, Fish Pakoras and Tandoori Chicken. Lunch too was amazing with naan, dal makhani, mixed veg, bhetki paturi, chicken curry, pastry and soufflé. Their happy faces and their delight at having found a group of likeminded people to enjoy life with was our reward.